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Four Tips for Selling Storage and Organization

Perhaps winter instills the desire for organization because being stuck inside we’re forced to confront our clutter on a daily basis. Whatever the reason, winter is a time when organization is top of mind. Use these tips below to make the most of your storage sales:

  • Display assembled products. Many customizable storage systems are easy to install, but may not seem that way to a customer when he’s staring at the box. Dedicate a space to show a sample of that system installed with easy instructions on how customers can design and install it themselves. If you have limited space, use photos showing installed closet systems from vendors or customers that have tried the product.
  • Keep current on style. Instead of white wire racking, brushed steel, chrome and color is popular for shelving units today. Some people even want cabinets in closets and in the garage. Visit department stores and specialty storage retailers to see what’s hot and what’s not.
  • Sell the basics. Storage solutions are in every part of the house, including food storage, organizers for the office, modular units for apartments and college students or baskets for the laundry room. Find the latest and most creative designs to make your category stand out from your competitor’s offering.
  • Use special orders. Use your storage vendor’s special order capabilities to cut down on inventory, give your customers more options and fetch high margins. Train all employees on the ordering process so it’s easy and fast for customers.

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