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Four Ways to Make Special Orders Simple

Want to make it quick and easy for your customers to get a special order? Check out the following tips. To read more about special orders, be on the lookout for our feature story in the June issue of Hardware Retailing.

  • Make it fast. While you may be at the mercy of your vendors as to how long it takes to get a product, make sure you’re not delaying the process. Place the order quickly.
  • Train your staff to suggest special orders.Remind staff that helping a customer with a special order is not a hassle; it’s business as usual.  
  • Communicate with the customer. Be upfront with customers about any delays in the order. Also communicate with staff members so they know what’s going on with a special order.
  • Bring it into inventory.Listen to what consumers want; it may turn into something you want to stock.

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Amanda Bell
Amanda Bell was an assistant editor of Hardware Retailing and NRHA. Amanda regularly visited with home improvement retailers across the country and attended industry events and seminars. She earned a degree in magazine journalism from Ball State University and has received honors for her work for Hardware Retailing from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

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