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Get Complete Flea Protection

Warmer weather is here. Not only is it outdoor season—it’s also flea season! Start your flea protection from the inside, out. To ensure you’re killing all fleas, you must first treat the source—your pet. Martin’s offers a number of products that can help.

Using products with an Insect Growth Regulator will kill adult fleas and breaks the flea life-cycle. Martin’s offers a variety of products, such as spot-on sprays, aerosol spray and trigger spray.  As a preventative, it’s a great idea to use Martin’s FLEE Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs for 12 months of protection.

To create a protection barrier inside the home, treat your carpets with Martin’s FLEE Plus IGR Carpet Spray. It prevents flea re-infestation for up to 7 months.

Don’t forget the yard! The FLEE Ready-to-Use yard spray is packaged in a hose-end sprayer, so there’s no mixing required. Protect your family—and your furry loved ones. Martin’s offers complete flea protection for your pet, home and yard.

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