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Get Moving on the Job Site

To stem the spread of COVID-19, some cities and states temporarily shut down construction job sites. As these orders lift, take a look at some new products that can help contractors stay mobile and organzied on the job.

Rhino Cart. This new all-terrain moving cart is a double winner, receiving not only a Retailers’ Choice award but also the 2019 NHS Most Innovative New Product Award. Specifically designed to conquer uneven and rough surfaces, the Rhino Cart keeps going in locations where a traditional dolly can get stuck, like door thresholds or uneven sidewalks. The cart’s innovative design, which includes eight heavy-duty urethane wheels, simplifies the effort required from professionals to move large and heavy items around the jobsite. It is Made in USA.

Kerry Kart. This four-in-one cart can be a hand truck, dolly, flatbed cart or a step ladder with a few easy adjustments and no tools. The flatbed cart can carry heavy loads. Perfect for delivering and moving supplies around the jobsite, the cart folds up, saving space in the truck. The Kerry Kart is available in four colors: black, red, green and pewter. 

Crown King WKS Wheelbarrow. The new patented design of the Crown King WKS Wheelbarrow increases maneuverability to navigate obstacles while reducing personal injury and damage. The wheelbarrow has castors positioned in the redesigned wheelbarrow bight that act as a buffer to reduce common injuries. It also has eight inches of clearance for easily traversing curbs, stairs and rugged terrain. Not yet, available on the market, the Crown King WKS Wheelbarrow will be launched at the National Hardware Show. 

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