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Get Some Shut-Eye With These Products

Even though it’s crucial to our overall health, many of us don’t get enough sleep. From busy schedules to too much time on screens, numerous factors play into our lack of sleep. Fortunately, there are easy steps your customers can take to improve their sleep and we share several products you can provide to aid them in good night’s rest. 

Along with merchandising these products together in your housewares department, you can also market them to customers by creating social media posts that offer facts about sleep and suggestions for improving sleep, including products you sell that can help. 

Soothing Paint Colors
Encourage your customers to avoid bold and bright colors in the bedroom, instead opting for soothing and relaxing blues, greens and neutrals. Dark colors, like deep gray and navy blue, also evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility, creating a space ideal for sleeping. 

Comfortable Bedding
People who are naturally warm when they sleep should look for sheets and comforters in breathable and lightweight fabrics. For those who are always cold at night, stock heated blankets and heavier fabrics such as cotton and flannel. 

Phone Dock
One of the biggest factors in the lack of quality sleep is too much blue light from our devices before bed. A phone dock or station provides a place to charge electronics overnight without needing to have them right next to the bed. 

Blackout Curtains
Quality blackout curtains keep out ambient light and morning sunlight, leading to a better night’s sleep. You could also stock automatic shades that allow a homeowner to have control over how much light they allow through the windows. 

Dimmer Switch
Putting bedroom lights on a dimmer switch gives the homeowner the ability to create a more soothing atmosphere at bedtime and still have full light when they need it during the day. 

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