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Outlet on Floral Background

Going Beyond Basic With Outlet Covers

When you walk into a room and turn on a light, rarely do you give thought to the switch plate cover. Typically, switch plate covers are white or cream-colored plastic, made to blend in. Help your customers add a little extra touch of style to a room by stocking decorative switch plate covers.

Other colors include oil-rubbed bronze, gold, silver and black, and some come with stamped designs. Switch plate covers also come in different wood tones, or customers can choose unstained versions and custom stain them to match other woodwork in the room. 

Encourage add-on sales by including the tools customers will need when working on electrical projects. Items like the Klein Insulated Phillips Screwdriver and the Klein Insulated Slotted Screwdriver protect the user from electrical shock when taking off or installing outlet covers. A voltage tester, such as the Sperry Instruments VD6504 Non-Contact Voltage Detector Tester, allows the user to check if an outlet has power running to it before doing any work. 

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