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Group Merchandising Conference Unites Manufacturers, Distributors

The mid-year Group Merchandising Conference (GMC), which ran June 16-18 in Atlanta, focused on building relationships and previewing products.

Distributors affiliated with PRO Group, Inc. and Val-Test met with manufacturers during 973 scheduled private 30-minute buyer/vendor appointments over the course of two days. Participants included 140 distributor and manufacturer attendees. The one-on-one focus on merchandising at the event allows vendors the opportunity to build relationships with distributors according to Steve Synnott, President & CEO of PRO Group, Inc.

Synnott says one third of GMC manufacturers are new Group Suppliers and every exhibitor has something fresh and exciting to present to the distributors. “New suppliers and product categories, fresh merchandisers and assortments, and product introductions highlight the exhibits at the GMC. Distributor buyers advise that their retail customers want to stretch product mix in order to maintain a vibrant shopping experience for consumers. The GMC is well-positioned for this purpose.”

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