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Home Improvement Brands Among ‘Most Loved’

Data analytics company Morning Consult has released its list of the ‘most loved’ brands in the U.S., and big boxes and independent home improvement brands are among the top results.

The company surveyed more than 400,000 respondents and tabulated their opinions on “brand favorability, trust, community impact and Net Promoter Score,” according to Morning Consult.

Overall, Amazon, Google and Netflix were the top three brands, respectively, among all respondents.

Home Depot was the No. 5 most loved brand, and Lowe’s came in at No. 11 among all respondents.

Big-box retailer Target came in at No. 15, and Walmart was listed at No. 18 overall.

The data analytics company also listed results by specific age group, shedding more light on shifting brand perceptions in the U.S.

Among Generation Z, Google remained the No. 1 result. Amazon came in at No. 4. No home improvement stores were among that generation’s top brands.

For millennials, Netflix was the No. 1 brand, and Home Depot came in at No. 18.

Generation X members placed Home Depot as their No. 5 choice and Lowe’s as No. 18.

Baby boomers showed more interest in home improvement retailers. Home Depot was their No. 2 most loved brand according to the data. Lowe’s was No. 4, and Ace Hardware was their No. 12 most loved brand.

Divided by gender, men placed Home Depot as their No. 6 most loved brand and Lowe’s as No. 12. Women placed Home Depot as their No. 6 most loved brand, and Lowe’s as their No. 18 brand.

For more insight into the data, visit Morning Consult online. To discover how different age groups view retail innovations, check out focus group insights from the February issue of Hardware Retailing.

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