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Hot Products – December 1, 2021

frozen treat makerFrozen Treat Machine
The Cold Snap allows you to make your own frozen treats, including ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen coffee, at home in just four simple steps. The shelf stable pods do not require refrigeration. Pod ingredients are dispensed directly from the pod to the bowl in just seconds. No clean-up of the machine is required.

Cold Snap

portable grillPortable Grill
The Grill Time Ultimate Portable Grill heats up quickly in just four minutes and cleans up easily, weighing just under 9 pounds and easily stowed in an included carrying case. The grill uses 10 percent less charcoal and virtually eliminates carcinogen-carrying smoke thanks to a design that deflects drippings away from the burning charcoal. 

Grill Time
live2grill.com or 855-474-5584

wild bird foodWild Bird Food
Attract orioles, blue jays, chickadees, robins and more with Armstrong Bird Grubs, which offer 50 percent more attention from birds than mealworms. The grubs have on average 16 times more calcium than mealworms to support stronger eggshells and healthier feathers in a variety of species. 

Armstrong Bird Food
armstrongbirdfood.com or 905-779-2473

wood fuel pelletsWood Fuel Pellets
Made from select, virgin and bark-free hardwoods, Jealous Devil Jax Hardwood BBQ Pellets have a low ash count and are made of just three ingredients—cherry, maple and hickory. The pellets come in a box with a convenient built-in resealable pour spout and contain no fillers, chemicals or binders.

Jealous Devil
jealousdevil.com or 678-316-4141

roasting stickRoasting Stick
The Wolf’em is a do-it-all roasting stick that includes a backwards facing safety fork and a double rotary handle. The stick also features a biscuit cup attachment that allows you to cook biscuits over the fire in addition to marshmallows and hot dogs. It’s made of stainless steel, extends to 32 inches and comes with more than 30 recipe ideas and a money back guarantee. 

wolfem.com or 801-556-1439

grilling spicesGrilling Spice
The Derek Wolf Imperial Coffee Stout Rub from Spiceology is a strong, dark and creamy blend with coffee and chocolate flavors combined with spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, guajillo chiles and smoked paprika. Make the rub a marinade by adding to a stout or other favorite beer or liquid. 

spiceology.com or 509-241-3040

garden multitoolGarden Multitool
The Gentlemen’s Hardware Garden Multi-Tool has seven different functions including secateurs, root remover, knife, saw, screwdriver, bottle opener and weeding utensil. Each tool folds neatly into the handle for a compact fit. The tool is finished in titanium with smart brass fixings. 

Gentlemen’s Hardware

painter's pantsPainter’s Pants
The Painter’s Pants from Thrive Workwear Co. come with built-in knee protection that includes patented SQUISH® pad technology. The pants are made from ActionFlex® fabric for comfort and mobility. Multipurpose pockets can hold a nail set and scraper, and the pants also provide a tape measure clip and hammer and brush loop. 

Thrive Workwear Co.
thriveworkwear.com or 720-638-5698

paint edgerPaint Edger
The Boxtown Team Cut-N-Edge paint brush accessory is a multifunction device that allows painters to edge with precision. The locking mechanism gives bristles a cleaner paint line for easy edging. It also has a hook to store the paintbrush on the paint can when not in use and works as paintbrush storage. 

Boxtown Team
boxtownproducts.com or info@boxtownteam.com

Drain Grease CatcherSink Drain Grease Catcher
Made from recyclable materials, the Grease Hero drawing prevents grease, oils and fats from going down your sink drain and clogging your pipes. Grease Hero is easy-to-use; just place it in your sink drain, pour hot cooking oil into the guard, let the oil cool and throw the oil and guard away. It can also be used for camping and in RVs.

Grease Hero
greasehero.com or 570-668-1098

electric shovelElectric Shovel
The Rotoshovel Handheld Electric Shovel with Auger has a patented shovel attachment that directs soil away from the user, stabilizes the Rotoshovel in the ground and allows you to scoop with only one tool. It comes with a 12-volt battery for up to two hours of runtime and the safety shut off automatically stops the motor when it hits rock or root to prevent your wrist from twisting and burning up the motor.

rotoshovel.com or 513-984-5590

The Power Paste from Scrub Daddy is a powerful natural paste ideal for cleaning, polishing and protecting surfaces. It removes dirt, limescale, grease, food residue, soap scum and more. It is also nontoxic and biodegradable. The paste comes with the dye-free Scrub Mommy applicator for easy application. 

Scrub Daddy
scrubdaddy.com or 844-357-2782

detergent cupDetergent Cup Holder
The Detergent Cup Holder from The Grommet catches drips and splashes and holds all brands of detergents cups. The holders come in packs of two and are easily cleaned with soap and water. You can even throw them into the washing machine. The design allows for assembly in seconds and the holders are made in the U.S. 

The Grommet
thegrommet.com or 877-862-0222

foldable crateFoldable Crate
With extra heavy construction and the ability to fold flat when not in use, the Instacrate offers durability and convenience. Each crate has built-in rails for hanging file folders and can be used for home storage, crafts, garage organization, camping, laundry and more. 

usmerchants.com/instacrate or 310-228-4000

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