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Fence Post Mix

Sika® Post Fix is a two-part, pre-proportioned polyurethane expanding foam that has been specifically formulated to provide a lightweight, mix-in-the-bag, fast-setting solution. This high-strength backfill can be used for wooden, PVC and steel in-ground supports. It replaces two 50-lb. bags ... Read More »

Flea & Tick Collar

The FLEE Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs incorporates a patented insecticide-release technology. Friction releases the insecticide deltamethrin steadily onto the dog’s skin over the course of six months. Contains Deltamethrin 4.0% and includes two collars in every resealable tin, so your dog is ... Read More »

3 Ways to Eliminate Fleas

Spring is here, and parasites are loving this warmer weather as much as people are. Warmer weather brings fleas to the forefront; they can quickly infest your yard, pets and home. If you want to be flea free, you must ... Read More »

Steering Away From Distracted Driving

As vehicles have become safer and more technologically advanced, distracted driving has remained a major concern. More and more accidents are related to cell phone use, GPS distractions and texting while driving. As the National Safety Council reports, someone is ... Read More »

Keynote Speaker Helms to Share Changing Approach to Retail

Next month, the North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) All-Industry Conference will fill the Village Stage with cutting-edge panel discussions and celebrated keynote speakers. The conference is co-located with the National Hardware Show®, which will be held May 7-9 at ... Read More »

Consumers Prefer to Buy Power Tools In-Store, Not Online

Good news for home improvement retailers: according to an article from Hardware Retailing magazine, 81 percent of power tools are purchased in-store, not online. The article recommends retailers take advantage of this important statistic by offering customers opportunities to touch the ... Read More »

Cutting Board Cleaner

Over time, wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks can pick up stains and odors. The food-safe Cutting Board Cleaner from Howard Products can remove odors from wooden surfaces and prepare those surfaces for block oil. Howard Products 805-227-1000 or howardproducts.com Read More »

Soil Test Kit

Optimum plant growth requires the best balance of soil pH and nutrients for what is grown, but in the past, soil test kits have taken a considerable amount of time to give results, cutting into precious growing times. The Rapitest ... Read More »