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Metal Stamping Gift Kit

ImpressArt taps into the personalization trend your customers are looking for with their new hand stamping kits. Start with a basic hand stamping starter kit containing all the necessary tools and combine it with a variety of stampable project kits. …

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Tankless Water Heater

Save water, energy and space with a Tankless Electric Water Heater by Black + Decker. Models include both Point-of-Use and Whole-House units, like the 36kW Self-Modulating 6.1 Electric, which can handle multiple showers & faucets. The heaters are lead-free with …

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Water Heater Pan

A water heater leak can ruin not only your day, but your floors and anything else nearby. These pans by American Pan & Filter are constructed of 24-gauge, seamless galvanized steel, and are equipped with ¾- or 1-inch PVC fittings. …

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Wildfire Protection Kit

For several regions of the country, wildfires are a significant threat to lives and homes. The wildfire protection kit was designed to help protect homes by creating a wet barrier over and around the structure to reduce its risk of …

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Utility De-Icers

Access to water in the winter is just as important for livestock as it is in the hotter months, but freezing temperatures can cause tanks and tubs to ice over. Cast-aluminum Multi-Use Utility De-Icers from Tarter are designed to operate …

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Water Efficiency in the Home

Recently, efficiency standards for bathroom fixtures have been in the news. What that means for the EPA’s WaterSense label, the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the state of manufacturing for these products is unclear. What is clear is …

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Baler Belt

Harvesting and handling equipment takes a serious beating when in use, and over time, that equipment may need replacement parts, such as belts. Apache®’s 3-Ply Light Impression Top Laced Baler Belt with Clipper® Wire Hooks is ideal for use with …

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Vaccination Injector

Giving vaccinations to large numbers of livestock can be tedious, but power injectors, like the Simcro™ PowerMaster can make the job less of a chore. The ergonomic handle and fast-action trigger quickly and comfortably delivers medications in one milliliter increments …

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