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Inverter Generator

When the power goes out, or if power is needed where none is available, an easy to use generator is a must for running equipment or for charging needed electronics and communication items. The APG3500is generator features a 212cc OHV …

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Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

One of the worst feelings is trying to turn on a piece of critical equipment or a vehicle, only to find that the battery lacks enough power to get things going. Jumper cables are a necessary component to any toolbox …

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Award-Winning Holiday Gifts


As we enter the holiday season, customers will once again be looking for something new and memorable for the DIYers on their shopping lists. What better way to guide them than by suggesting award winning tools that home improvement retailers …

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Extension Cord

Extension cords can be a hassle; if not stored properly, they have a tendency to knot and tangle, becoming a source of frustration when a job needs to be done. The Flexy-Cord™ line of extension cords are designed to coil …

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Portable Chest

For a portable product with heirloom potential check out the T-12 Mini Portable Chest from Gerstner & Sons. The chest has a utilitarian design with decorator appeal, including tongue and groove, solid oak construction with polished chrome pulls and accents. …

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Tripod Work Light

The perfect gift for those with a workshop that could use adjustable lighting, the Peri Work Light has 7000 lumens of LED output in two directionally-adjustable spots. The unit is easy to store and transport as the telescoping handle allows …

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Video Doorbell

See not only who is at the door but keep track of packages on the doorstep as well with the Answer® DualCam Video Doorbell from Jiawei Technology (USA). When 1080p cameras pick up motion, push alerts are sent directly to …

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Home Security Goes Viral

Doorbell security videos have become the new neighborhood watch. People are sharing them via social media outlets like Nextdoor and Facebook, not only as safety concerns or warnings for their communities, but also as forms of entertainment and camaraderie. The …

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