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Stock Tanks: Not Just for Livestock Anymore

Manufacturers as well as retailers have long sought multiple uses for single product lines in an effort to boost sales. Multi-use tools also appeal to customers who often drive inventive options with their creativity and economy. In a recent issue …

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Decorative Kitchen Tools

kitchen tools

The Typhoon Living Range product line includes an assortment of storage bins and utensils made from coated steel and bamboo sourced from sustainable forests. The storage bins range from 1-quart canisters to a 7.7-quart bread bin, and the design style …

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Award-Winning Tools

With an eye on holiday sales, retailers may want to check out these award-winning tools and accessories. They were the Best in Class winners at the 2019 National Hardware Show® and would make great additions to inventory lists. First Place: …

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Shovels and Rakes

Built for ultimate durability, Fiskars® Pro Shovels and Rakes outperform, outlast and reduce negative impact on your body for daily, quality performance under all conditions. Designed for the pro, the simple, heavy-duty construction of these tools include features such as …

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Enzymes: A Game Changer for Bathrooms and Kitchens Everywhere

Enzymes seem to be everywhere these days: food, cleaning products… oh, and they’re also in our bodies. What are enzymes? Tiny organic proteins creating biological reactions. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to break down fats. Over the years, scientists …

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Nutrient-Rich Treats

Keep backyard chickens happy with treats from UniPet. From sunflower treats to high-protein mealworm supplements, these products help add extra nutrients to poultry diets while also stimulating foraging activity. Unipet unipetusa.com

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Snake Netting

While snakes can be beneficial for keeping down rodent populations, they can also be a problem when it comes to small livestock such as poultry or rabbits. Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares are a solution to keeping snakes out of critical …

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Feed Storage

Keep animals out of expensive animal feed with these locking-lid storage drums from Tuff Stuff Products. BPA-free and rustproof (unlike metal garbage cans), these durable products range in five sizes, from 25 pounds up to 220-pound capacities. Tuff Stuff ProductsTM …

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