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Deck & Concrete Crack Cleaner

Why get down on hands and knees with a hand tool or break out the pressure washer? The Deck & Concrete Crack Hoe attaches conveniently onto a broom handle or painting pole and slides easily between the deck boards for …

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Change Ordinances, Grow Categories

The growing interest in urban and hobby farming can lead to growing categories for home improvement retailers as a wider variety of animals appeals to homeowners. According to Hobby Farms, the animals that are best suited for urban farming include …

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Weed Barrier

When installing features such as driveways, sidewalks, stone patios, and more, a solid underlayment can be critical to prevent weeds, erosion and excessive wear-down, all while allowing water to permeate into the ground below. Garden Armor 866-724-3134 or gardenarmor.com

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Kicking Shoe Odor to the Curb

We all have them—those horrid, sweaty, stinky shoes. We shove them in athletic bags, hide them in closets or just plain throw them out. With men owning an average of 12 pairs of shoes and women owning an average of …

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Mealworm Treats

mealworm treats

Keep hens happy and healthy with mealworm treats from UniPet. Dried mealworms encourage foraging, which in turn aids in better egg laying. Mealworm treats come in resealable bags and are available in three sizes: 3.5 oz, 17.6 oz and 30 …

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School Yourself in Industry Innovations

It’s almost time for the first annual Independent Home Improvement Show—Powered by NHS. This brand-new industry conference is happening Aug. 13-15 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Don’t miss this new opportunity to network, browse products and learn more about home …

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Get Back to School with Record-Breaking Sales

storage containers

The back-to-school category shouldn’t be monopolized by big-box stores, especially when families with school age children are planning to spend more on back-to-school supplies this year than ever before. According to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation, families …

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Hand-Stamping Kit


ImpressArt’s kits contain all the essential tools needed to begin hand stamping. Pair with S.I.Y. (Stamp it Yourself) project kits to easily create personalized jewelry, key chains, garden markers, bottle openers, wine charms and much more! Hand-stamped projects are great to …

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