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Cutlery Set

knife block

Add a bit of refined rustic to the kitchen with the Cabin & Lodge™ cutlery sets from Smith’s Consumer Products. Constructed from 420 stainless steel with stag handles and housed in hardwood knife blocks, these sets will be not only …

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Oven Mitt

Make grilling more comfortable and grill cleanup a breeze with the Ove’ Glove™ Dual Pack. This product contains one heat and fire-resistant Ove’ Glove™, which will protect against temperatures up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit, and the BBQ and Oven Tray, …

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Trash Can

The Catchy™ is a uniquely designed waste bin with a flat lip on one side to make loading waste into the bin much quicker and easier when it’s tipped to the side. It’s made in the USA from high-strength materials. …

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Summer months often mean increased humidity, and excess humidity in small spaces can be a recipe for mold, mildew and associated unpleasant odors. The Humydry® Mini was created to remove excess moisture from small spaces, leaving behind a fresh fragrance …

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Smart Lock

Turn your door lock into a smart lock with the XenLock Pro. Easy to install, the Xenlock looks like other standard deadbolt-style lock from the outside, but has the increased security and functionality of a smart lock. Check a door’s …

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LED Shop Light

Shop lighting gets an upgrade with these LED lights from KODA™. With a light output of 4200 natural white lumens, the LED has a life cycle of up to 50,000 hours of use. The unit is weather-resistant, splash-proof and dust-proof, …

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Living Wall

Grow more plants in less space. The Living Wall by Bin Fen Landscape Material Co. Ltd. allows users to design their own customized growing arrangement for either hydroponic or soil-based planting. Frames can be arranged vertically or horizontally, depending upon …

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Bungee Cords

Tying down cargo has never been easier. The Adjust-A-Strap comes with four 3-foot straps with six preset openings for quick tightening adjustment, and nylon hooks that won’t scratch cargo or vehicles. BihlerFLEX® theperfectbungee.com

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