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Craft Knife

With a handle that loops comfortably on the finger, the Softgrip® Swivel Detail Knife by Fiskars takes intricate cutting jobs to the next level. The steel blade rotates 360 degrees, and the ergonomic design allows for solid control of the …

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Drop Cloth

Be neat, tidy, and safe when painting with the nonslip safety drop cloth by CoverGrip. Hundreds of PVC dots line the backing of this washable canvas cloth, gripping almost any surface and creating a nonskid working platform while protecting flooring …

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Dish Squeegee

Removing food scraps from bowls and dishes can make it easier to do the dishes and can save wear and tear on the dishwasher. The Oxo Good Grips Dish Squeegee quickly and easily scrapes away food scraps. It has a …

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Angled Paintbrush

With a flexible handle that can screw tightly onto an extension pole, the Goose Neck Brush picks up and applies paint easily, leaving a smooth finish. The brush provides sturdy control during cut-ins or touch ups in hard-to-reach areas. A. …

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2-Piece Painters’ Kit

Prevent damage to trim and other woodwork during the painting prep or finish stages. The Paint Pro Pak by Spring Tools contains both a spring nail set and a spring hinge pin remover that replace other methods. Each tool strikes …

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Epoxy Putty

This quick-mixing epoxy putty works well for those times where short dry times are needed. It kneads quickly and easily, adheres to practically any surface and forms a permanent bond in as little as 20 minutes. Oatey 800-321-9532 or www.oatey.com

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Structural Roof and Wall System

Builders and home remodelers can save time while achieving quality results with the Zip System® sheathing and tape by Huber Engineered Woods. The rigid structural wood panel is fused with water-resistant material for an all-in-one product that’s easy to install, …

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Drain Stopper

From the makers of TubShroom®, the StopShroom is a universal drain stopper for those times when a tub or sink must be filled. The suction base keeps this product firmly in place, and its design allows it to be used …

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