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Video Doorbell

One of the latest in the array of video doorbells, the Veiu by Eques allows users to see and talk to someone at the door, utilizing either the in-house monitor or through a smartphone. Features include, but aren’t limited to, …

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Snow Shovel

snow shovel

Not just a snow shovel, but two shovels in one product. The Shark Snow Shovel has a rotating blade head with a standard straight edge on one side, and on the other, a toothed edge capable of breaking through snow …

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Emergency Flood Kit

flood kit

Whether it’s a spring storm, snowmelt or other water disaster, consumers will want to try to protect their property from flood damage as much as possible.  The Quick Dam Emergency Flood Kit comes complete with 22 products meant to control …

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Quiet, consistent power is the name of the game for this fuel-efficient inverter generator by Green Power. With a run time of up to 13 hours on four gallons of fuel, the unit delivers 3,000 watts to power critical equipment. …

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Your Safe Driver Solution

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the U.S. job market is excellent for workers. The unemployment rate has not been this low for about half a century, and wages are rising for low-skilled workers. Yet these trends also …

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Portable Hammock

The Colibri line of hammocks from La Siesta are meant for leisure in the great outdoors. Easily packable thanks to the attached carry bag, the hammock quickly installs and has smart hooks that fully adjust for the perfect tension, even …

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Tool Set

tool set

This 49-piece set contains many of the most used tools the average homeowner needs for general household projects and repairs. The slim carrying case with integrated handle makes storage a breeze. Caco America LLC 305-728-8577 or www.cacoamerica.com

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Ventilation System


Indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside, and excess moisture can exacerbate the effects of those particulates, leading to health issues and possible degradation of interior surfaces. Clairitech Innovations Humidex® ventilation systems help to control moisture while …

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