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Rodent Repellent

rodent repellent

Pest control doesn’t have to be toxic to humans or pets. Made from a proprietary blend of plant extracts and fibers, the aroma in Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent is pleasing to humans, but is overwhelming to a rodent’s sensitive …

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The Pet Dental Care Category Expands

dog with bone

Today, pet owners take better care of their fur babies than ever before, as indicated by growing trends in pet medical insurance and concierge care, as well as in the consistent growth of pet supply sales. Not surprisingly, one common …

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Pure Liquid Castile Soap


Not often does a product work for everything from personal hygiene to pet care to home cleaning, but Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-One Pure Liquid Castile Soap is designed to do just that. Made from organic, free-trade ingredients, this product should appeal …

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Cooling Vest

dog coat

Dogs can be at high risk for overheating during extreme summer temperatures, or during extended periods of exercise in warmer weather. In addition to providing shade and adequate water, pet parents can apply the Canine Chiller™, a cooling vest that …

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Smartphone Attachment

dog selfie tool

Cameras are everywhere, thanks to smartphones, but getting that perfect photo of the dog can be frustrating. Enter the Pooch Selfie™. This smartphone attachment gains a pup’s attention by holding a squeaking tennis ball above the camera lens. The plastic …

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Making Emergency Preparedness a Priority

emergency preparedness kit

By their very nature, hardware and lumber retailers are vital during severe weather events, providing necessary supplies that prevent and repair damage from storms. Due to an increase in extreme weather like winter storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, Emergency Preparedness and …

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Pry Bar Set

The Dominator® 3 Piece Curved Pry Bar Set includes 12-in, 17-inch and 25-inch pry bars ideal for any lifting or prying application, such as oil pans, bearings, axles or fuel injectors. The set features the patented two-composite handle, which is …

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Build Your Cybersecurity Toolbox

Though many of us have heard about tax-related phone schemes, not as many realize fraudsters seek to steal from taxpayers via email. In 2018, the IRS received 2,000 reports of phishing incidents seeking tax data from January through October 2018—a …

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