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Dog Harnesses vs. Traditional Collars

For years, the traditional collar and leash have been the standard for keeping dogs safe and secure but, as we learn more about pet health and proper control, new products and designs have hit the market, including the dog harness. …

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Safer Stores in Any Season

One of the biggest liability exposures hardware retailers face is slip-and-fall litigation. When spring and summer roll around, customers looking to tackle home projects flock to stores. During the colder months, icy and wet conditions make walking paths and surfaces …

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Is There a ‘Season’ for Toilet Plunger Sales?

When we began distributing the Johnny Jolter® Professional Power Plunger, we heard from more than a few hardware dealers that there was a ‘single day’ that would always be the biggest day of the year for plunger sales.  Then, with …

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Automatic Leveler

Ladder safety is a big concern, especially on uneven surfaces. This automatic leveler from Werner attaches to aluminum or fiberglass ladders and provides stability by adjusting up to 8 ½ inches to balance out uneven foundations. Does not affect ladder …

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Find the Latest in Tiny Living Trends

tiny home conference

Tiny homes have captured the imaginations of people of all ages, thanks to popular tiny living television shows and hands-on access to tiny homes at home shows and lawn and garden shows across the country. Now tiny homes will be …

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Tools for Aging DIYers

Baby boomers aren’t slowing down but, as they age, they’ll need tools to help them complete maintenance projects as well as fulfill their DIY dreams. In response, manufacturers and designers are making products that are easier to use. Power tools …

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All-Purpose Glue

GLU is the only solvent-free, 100-percent pure glue available in the marketplace today. Its proprietary formula allows it to bond plastics, metal, stone, glass, porcelain, rubber and other many other materials. GLU can be used in almost any type of …

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Instant Pot

One of the hottest cooking trends has upped the hit factor with the addition of WiFi connectivity and the ability to control the unit through an iOS- or Android-enabled smartphone. The Instant Pot boasts stainless steel construction and a 6-quart …

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