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Furniture Pads

Protect easily scratched flooring from damage with heavy-duty felt pads that stick up to five times better than regular felt feet. Made from a combination of rubber layers and felt, Gorilla Felt by Slipstick® offers more protection than felt alone …

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Pressure Washer

Spring cleaning isn’t only for interiors; winter weather can leave exteriors in need of cleaning as well. The ABW-VBR High Pressure Washer from Zhejiang Anlu Cleaning Machinery Co., Ltd., is a lightweight and easy-to-use high-pressure washer with a trigger-activated engine, …

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Safety Detector

Networked safety isn’t just for businesses anymore. First Alert brings wireless connectivity and voice guidance to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, alerting consumers to the type and location of danger within the home. The units connect with smartphones for an …

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Video Doorbell

The Maximus® Answer® Video Doorbell is one of the newest video doorbells to enter the market. With two cameras (1080p HDR forward-facing camera with 180-degree range, and bottom-facing camera to highlight packages), blind spots are greatly reduced, and a two-way …

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Mosquito Control

Get ahead of the game for the spring and summer with Summit® Mosquito Dunks®. These natural-bacteria-laden disks can be dropped anywhere standing water is present and can kill mosquito larvae for up to 30 days per treatment, without harm to …

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Pest Trap

Gophers and moles can wreak havoc on lawns and gardens. With just three basic steps, the GopherHawk by Meissner Industrial Co., Inc., can help eliminate these pests with no chemical usage, and minimal invasion into the landscape or disruption to …

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Fault Finder

Electrical shorts in livestock fencing can be a huge hassle, so locating them quickly and easily can save farmers and ranchers from considerable headaches and possible lost revenue. The easy-to-read, battery-operated Fence Volt/Current Meter and Fault Finder from Gallagher slips …

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Bird Feeder

Keep squirrels, crows, pigeons and other pests out of songbird feeders. The Roamwild PestOff bird feeder is an all-steel product designed with weight-sensitive perches that close off access if a pest lands. Rain diverters funnel water away from seed ports …

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