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Pest Trap

Gophers and moles can wreak havoc on lawns and gardens. With just three basic steps, the GopherHawk by Meissner Industrial Co., Inc., can help eliminate these pests with no chemical usage, and minimal invasion into the landscape or disruption to …

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Fault Finder

Electrical shorts in livestock fencing can be a huge hassle, so locating them quickly and easily can save farmers and ranchers from considerable headaches and possible lost revenue. The easy-to-read, battery-operated Fence Volt/Current Meter and Fault Finder from Gallagher slips …

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Bird Feeder

Keep squirrels, crows, pigeons and other pests out of songbird feeders. The Roamwild PestOff bird feeder is an all-steel product designed with weight-sensitive perches that close off access if a pest lands. Rain diverters funnel water away from seed ports …

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Night Light

From the same company that offers the Casper Mattress, the Casper Glow Light revolutionizes bedroom lighting. The rechargeable, wireless light slowly dims, allowing users to fall asleep, and gently lights up in the morning to allow for peaceful rising. Light …

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Repair Kit

Get professional results in a DIY product with 3M’s Large Hole Wall Repair Kit. Designed to repair drywall damage up to 5 inches in diameter, the backer plate installs within the drywall or plaster opening, attaching to the back of …

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Kitchen Cabinets Are Becoming More Colorful

Get ready: Bolder, brighter kitchens are on their way to homes near you. The modern farmhouse style has dominated kitchen design trends for several years, but that’s about to change. Simple white cabinets accented by gray marbled countertops and white …

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Dog Harnesses vs. Traditional Collars

For years, the traditional collar and leash have been the standard for keeping dogs safe and secure but, as we learn more about pet health and proper control, new products and designs have hit the market, including the dog harness. …

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Safer Stores in Any Season

One of the biggest liability exposures hardware retailers face is slip-and-fall litigation. When spring and summer roll around, customers looking to tackle home projects flock to stores. During the colder months, icy and wet conditions make walking paths and surfaces …

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