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Hot Products – May 20, 2020

Hurricane Window ClipWindow Clip
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PLYLOX ™ 5/8 inch stainless steel hurricane window clip is a non-corrosive product used to board up brick, stucco or wood framed windows with a 2 inch to 3 inch inset. It is designed out of tension steel to hold 5/8 inch plywood or polycarbonate panels in place to protect windows from strong winds and flying debris. All PLYLOX ™ products are lab tested and made in the USA with US steel.

plylox.com or 800-583-4289

Simple StrapRubber Tie-Down
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Simple Strap provides 800 PSI (regular duty) to 1000 PSI (heavy duty) tensile strength and is ideal for construction, household, camping, bundling lumber, rebar, pipes, boating/fishing, roof racks, awnings, surfboards, canoes, repairing woodcraft, storm prep and more. It works when wet, in the dirt and in extreme temperatures. It requires no complicated knots, no hazardous hooks or ratchets. Simple Strap is recyclable and reusable.

Simple Strap LLC
simplestrap.com or 808-927-0028

Caulk GunAdjustable Caulking Gun
With most caulking guns, using them with one hand is difficult. Not so with the Accu-Glide Caulking Gun. This lightweight gun is designed with an adjustable balance point that consumers can set for maximum usability, allowing them to safely caulk with one hand, while using the other hand to maintain grip on a ladder or scaffold.

intoolovation.com or 626-794-6464

Roller ReadyPaint Roller Cleaner
Instead of throwing out that used roller, give it a clean-out and reuse it for another project. The Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner attaches to a cordless drill and can accommodate a variety of roller lengths; give it a spin in an empty bucket to knock off the excess paint, then spin it again in water to fully clean out remaining paint. 

Roller Ready
rollerready.com or 260-267-5339

Air FilterAir Filter
Filtration is critical for making indoor air pleasing and safe. AAF Flanders® offers a wide variety of pleated, panel, HEPA and other filtration media to suit a range of needs from residential to industrial. The PerfectPleat® Ultra line has a high dust capacity for optimal indoor air quality in high-moisture environments such as schools, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage locations.

AAF Flanders
aafintl.com or 888-223-2003

Hand WinchHand Winch
Reduce effort by letting the Stainless Steel Hand Winch with Automatic Brake from KJ Chain Co., Ltd. do the work of lifting heavy loads. With a capacity up to 2600 pounds depending upon model, this equipment is heat-treated for strength, and is rust and corrosion resistant. 

Kukje Chain Co., Ltd.
kukjechain.com or 82-32-681-4311

Knee PadsKnee Pads
Knees need protection, and Redbacks® Knee Pads have been engineered to do just that. The patented “leaf spring” technology disperses downward force away from the knee, providing a more comfortable kneeling position. Available in both strapped and insertable versions.

Redbacks Cushioning
redbackscushioning.com or 44-0-1327-702104

Beverage CoolerBeverage Cooler
Chill drinks without using ice with this portable beverage refrigerator. Just place the product in the freezer overnight and load with drinks the next day. The chilling gel will keep drinks cold without ice for six hours the following day. The Chiller is designed to cool three cans, three bottled beverages or one large bottle such as wine or spirits.

chill.systems or 844-642-4455

Mosquito RepellerMosquito Repeller
Say goodbye to mosquitos with the push of a button. The Thermacell Patio Shield creates a zone of protection without the use of open flame (like repellant candles), sprays, or lotions. The fuel cell creates heat that activates the odorless, repellent-impregnated mat that chases away mosquitos within a 15-foot radius. The stylish design makes it perfect for outdoor entertaining areas. The Patio Shield is available in several colors.

thermacell.com or 866-753-3837

Grill LighterElectric Grill Lighter
Waiting for coals to light and come to temperature can tax even the most patient of grillers, but luckily, there is a fix. The Looftlighter is an electric fire starter that utilizes the power of superheated air (up to 1100 F/ 600 C) to light coals quickly and cleanly without the need for lighter fluids.

looftlighter.com or 855-905-6638

About Hans Cummings

Born in Indiana and raised in Indiana, Germany and Virginia, Hans has worked for NRHA since 2001. He has a B.A. in English from Indiana University and is a published fantasy and science-fiction author. His hobbies include cooking, especially smoking meats, tabletop and video games and supporting space sciences and science education.

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