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Hot Products – October 21, 2020

Window ClipWindow Clip
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PLYLOX ™ ¾ inch carbon steel hurricane window clip is a tension steel product used to board up brick, stucco or wood framed windows with a 2 inch to 3 inch inset. It is designed out of tension steel to hold ¾ inch plywood in place to protect windows from strong winds and flying debris. All PLYLOX ™ products are lab tested and made in the USA with US steel.

plylox.com or 800-583-4289

Single Jack ChainSingle and Double Jack Chain
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Halechain™, now Wire Belt Company, manufactures and inventories nine sizes of single jack chain and two sizes of double jack chain. Available in different finishes and materials.

Wire Belt Company
wirebelt.com/products/chain-products/single-jack-chain or 603-644-2500

Whisk BroomStiff Bristle Broom
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Crafted with coconut palm bristles, this broom is adjustable and self-standing. It is compact and ultra-portable and can be stored out-of-the-way. It is fully adjustable for both wide and narrow tasks and can sweep both large and fine debris.

Verus Innovations
verusinnovations.com or 877-843-5818

Curved Pry BarCurved Pry Bar
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Economy Dominator® Curved Pry Bars from Mayhew Tools are an ergonomically designed single shot handle with capped end, ideal for any lifting or prying applications. Heat treated along the entire length of the steel for added strength and durability, while black oxide finish helps prevent rust. Available in 8”, 13” 17” and 24” individual lengths, with hang tag packaging. 3-piece sets coming soon. Made in the USA.

Mayhew Tools
mayhew.com or 800-872-0037

Spider TrapsDecorative Spider Traps
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Are your customers ready for spider season? Fall is mating season for spiders, and it’s why we see more of them right now while they wander in search of mates. Spiders are also looking for a cozy place to spend the winter months – hopefully inside a RESCUE!® Spider Trap! Customers will love the durable and decorative traps, and spiders will be drawn to the dark cozy spaces they provide.


Kohler Carafe FaucetFiltered Water Kitchen Sink Faucet
The European-styled Carafe® Filtered Water Kitchen Sink Faucet provides cold filtered drinking water on demand. The single lever fixture eliminates the need for an additional filtering system, keeping sink areas uncluttered.  

us.kohler.com/us/ or 800-456-4537

Freeze MiserFaucet Freeze Protector
The Freeze Miser is an outdoor faucet freeze protection device that doesn’t require electricity or batteries. It senses the internal water temperature arriving to the faucet and is activated when water temperatures hit 37 degrees F. No water is allowed to drip until the activation temperature is attained. It is not affected by air temperature.

Freeze Miser
freezemiser.com or 830-499-5360

Drip DroneSink and Toilet Leak Alarm
Drip Drone alerts users to potential leaks at plumbing joints, valves and connections for immediate warning to potential damage. It installs with no tools or plumbing experience needed. It is also available in a wall unit configuration.

Drip Drone
dripdrone.com or 720-257-9129

Grab BarComfort Grip Grab Bar
This ADA compliant fixture from new NHS exhibitor, Evekare, provides users with improved grip and is warmer to the touch than uncoated stainless steel bars. Available in 8-inch to 36-inch lengths that can support up to 550 pounds. They’re suitable for assisted living facilities and aged care.


paint trayMultipurpose Thumb Tray
Designed to work with mini rollers and up to 7-inch paint pads, the Easy Tray™ Multipurpose Thumb Tray has a thumb hold for extra control and is handy for small to medium size paint projects. The tray is for use with water-based paints and stains, holding one quart.

shurline.com or 800-253-7856

Carbide ScraperCarbide Scrapers
These paint and wood scrapers feature soft grips over molded handles. The blades are made with diamond honed Tungsten Carbide and available in 1 1/8 inch, 1 ½ inch and 2 ¼ inch sizes.

Allway Tools
allwaytools.com or 718-792-3636


Roller FrameHeavy Duty Paint Roller Frame
The cage has five wires and a threaded handle with chrome plated ring has finger holds for grip. They are available in increments of 24 units for retailers.

Grip Tight Tools®
griptighttools.com or 877-599-4747


Paint CleanerPaint Cleaner
Pretty Boy cleaner and conditioner from BMC LLC removes all water-based paints, stains and primers from brushes, rollers and sprayers. It also effectively removes dirt, grime and adhesive from most surfaces. It is gentle on skin and the environment.

Pretty Boy Products

Ladder CarrierLadder Carrier
Boxtown’s multi-purpose ladder carrier tool can be used for carrying 6-foot and 8-foot ladders and can also be used as a drill gun holster, for carrying paint cans and attaching paint cans to ladders. It can also carry 5-gallon buckets. The handle makes paint jobs easier for pros and DIYers.

Boxtown Team




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