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House-Hasson Buys Long-Lewis Hardware

Regional hardware distributor House-Hasson bought Long-Lewis Hardware Company, finalizing the deal today.

House-Hasson, which is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, will gain about $30 million in annual sales due to the purchase, boosting the distributor’s annual revenues above $200 million, according to the company.

Long-Lewis will contribute about 500 dealers to House-Hasson’s existing customer base of 2,000 dealers.

“Long-Lewis has a long and distinguished history of serving its hardware and lumberyard dealers,” House-Hasson president Don Hasson says. “This is a transaction that improves House-Hasson, and it enables Long-Lewis’s dealers and their customers to benefit from our technology and systems.”

Long-Lewis is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and is one of the state’s largest Ford dealerships, as well as a hardware supplier. The company sold the hardware side of its business, which serves hardware stores and lumberyards, to House-Hasson.

The supplier will contribute about 18,000 inventory line items to the House-Hasson system’s warehouse.

“House-Hasson is a tremendously respected name in this industry. It’s a family-owned company, and we’re a family-owned company,” Vaughn Burrell, owner of Long-Lewis, says. “House-Hasson has remarkable history, talent and systems that make sure dealers have what they need to be successful. Everyone benefits.”

House-Hasson Hardware started in 1906 and is a member of the Distribution America buying group. The company serves dealers in 17 states and the Caribbean basin.

For more information about the company, visit househasson.com.

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