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How Horicon Hardware Hank Sells Old Tools

Dave Konrath, owner of Horicon Hardware Hank, has turned a hobby into a pursuit of products for impulse selling.

Konrath enjoys collecting old tools at garage sales—a natural enough hobby for a hardware man. But he’s also a retailer with an eye for products he can sell.

His Horicon, Wisconsin, store’s bins of used wrenches and sockets tagged at $2.50 apiece are the fruit of both interests. The tools are an easy sell to customers because the items are cheap and in good shape, Konrath says.

Plus, he gets to keep collecting his garage sale treasures, and justify buying the boxes of old tools with his store’s sales.

Boosting margin with inexpensive impulse items isn’t a new idea, but perhaps you can think of a way to turn your interests, or other people’s castoffs, into more sales at your store.

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