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How to Maintain Your Merchandising

Keeping a store that looks good all of the time should be a team effort. Throughout a busy day, it’s easy for displays to get messy, items to get misplaced or stock levels to drop. But if you have everyone on the team looking for ways they can straighten up around the store, then your merchandising will be stellar for each and every customer.

NRHA has an easy way to give your employees a refresher course on good maintenance. The Trainer’s Toolbox for April includes a printable PDF you can post in your break room as an easy reminder of the four basic principles of good merchandising: Keep it full, keep it faced, keep it complete and keep it clean.

Trainer’s Toolbox is a series of short, easy-to-use lessons you can use in staff meetings to cover topics in merchandising, selling skills, product knowledge or operations. They include notes for the trainer as well as a video, worksheet or presentation.

Go to nrha.org to find the Maintain Your Merchandising lesson, or to download other lessons.



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