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How to Respond to Fundraiser Requests

When you get a request for help, don’t hang up the phone just because you don’t think the organization is big enough to be relevant to you. While you can’t help everyone, it’s important to be slow to say no to a request.

Listen for those people requesting help for a good cause; screen out those who seem to be only after personal gain. Look for partnerships that could turn into long-term relationships, rather than just meeting a one-time need. Sometimes what seems like a small request from a minor customer can turn into a big opportunity.

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Amanda Bell
Amanda Bell was an assistant editor of Hardware Retailing and NRHA. Amanda regularly visited with home improvement retailers across the country and attended industry events and seminars. She earned a degree in magazine journalism from Ball State University and has received honors for her work for Hardware Retailing from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

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