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High Impact Flashlight

Flashlights are a blessing when the lights go out, but many consumers leave them in a drawer without maintenance, ignoring them until they are needed, only to find out that they no longer work as designed. HydraLight International has developed a flashlight that breaks this cycle with a product that has a 25-year storage life, so it will work when needed. No batteries are required; just dip the HydraCell into water, shake off the excess, and insert it into the flashlight, which is manufactured from high-impact aluminum.

800-424-4867 or hydracellpower.com 

About Hans Cummings

Hans Cummings
Born in Indiana and raised in Indiana, Germany and Virginia, Hans has worked for NRHA since 2001. He has a B.A. in English from Indiana University and is a published fantasy and science-fiction author. His hobbies include cooking, especially smoking meats, tabletop and video games and supporting space sciences and science education.

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