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Importance of Made in America Products

With July Fourth approaching, Americans are flying U.S. flags, finalizing parade and other event plans, buying fireworks and reflecting on their country’s heritage.

This patriotic time is ideal for reminding your community of your identity as a local, hometown operation. It is also an ideal time to advertise any local or Made in America products you offer at your store. Findings from a 2012 study by NRHA and Hardware Retailing show that knowing a business is locally owned and sells American-made products is important and influential in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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Applied to Retail: Highlight products that are locally sourced or American-made in your circulars or via shelf-talkers. Use the data from NRHA and Independent We Stand’s Home Sweet Home Study to share with your community that, as a local home improvement business, your store keeps twice as much money in the local economy as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Check out Hardware Retailing’s July issue for marketing material to promote the study’s findings.

About Sara Logel

As NRHA’s market research analyst, Sara conducts organic research and stays abreast of industry trends to help hardware retailers better run their business. Sara also contributes to editorial content in Hardware Retailing magazine. Sara received her B.S. in Marketing and Spanish from Butler University and, after graduation, began her career with NRHA. Sara enjoys traveling, being outdoors and exploring the city of Indianapolis.

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