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Hand-Stamping Kit

ImpressArt’s kits contain all the essential tools needed to begin hand stamping. Pair with S.I.Y. (Stamp it Yourself) project kits to easily create personalized jewelry, key chains, garden markers, bottle openers, wine charms and much more! Hand-stamped projects are great to give as gifts, commemorate special moments or even to sell and start a side business!

631-940-9530 or ImpressArt.com

About Liz Lichtenberger

Liz is the special projects editor for Hardware Retailing magazine. She reports on news and trends, visits retailers, and attends industry events. She graduated from Xavier University, where she earned a degree in English and Spanish and was a member of the swim team. Liz is a Louisville, Kentucky, native who lives in Indianapolis with her husband and two children. She enjoys swimming, reading, doing home improvement projects around her house and cheering on her two favorite basketball teams, the Kentucky Wildcats and the Xavier Musketeers.

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