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Incentivize Your Training

Training is mandatory for most jobs, and many retailers also understand that rewards, such as pay increases or public recognition, can be powerful incentives for employees to go above and beyond the standard expectations. NHPA offers retailers new ways to motivate employees to keep training.

Gamify Your Training
A new feature on NHPA’s learning management system (LMS) allows employees to earn virtual badges for each course they complete. As employees accumulate badges, they also accumulate points. Those points give them a ranking on a virtual leaderboard, allowing them to compare their progress to their co-workers as they square off in a friendly bout of competition. They will also be able to see how they stack up against other employees across the home improvement industry.

If you want another way of tracking employees’ training progress and want to post it in the store, NHPA also offers a printable leaderboard. This chart, which can be posted in the breakroom or any other prominent place, allows the entire staff to see who is progressing through the training. This poster is available in the Resources tab of NHPA’s LMS.

Tell Your Customers
As your team puts in the hard work of learning product knowledge and retail skills essentials, make sure customers know they can find expert advice at your business. The “Certified to Help” designation is available for retailers whose employees have successfully completed a rigorous training curriculum from NHPA. When you and your staff gain this recognition, you also get access to marketing materials that help promote your customer service.

The marketing materials include shelf talkers, posters, cash register decals, window clings and images that can be used on social media. They feature the message “Help is on the way. Our trained employees can answer your questions.” By displaying this signage in your store, you not only give customers added confidence in your customer service, but also give employees something to be proud of and recognize their hard work in training.

These resources are available to NHPA Premier Members. Click here to learn about becoming a member, or to learn more about the “Certified to Help” designation.

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