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Review Fiscal Year 2020 Home Improvement Sales

Marked by a renewed surge of DIY activity, 2020 was a year of sales momentum for the home improvement market. Now, big-box chains, wholesalers and co-ops are announcing their fiscal year 2020 financial results, shedding light on obstacles and opportunities for the channel as a whole.

Explore fiscal year financial 2020 financial results from major organizations below, and subscribe to Hardware Retailing to get the latest home improvement news, profiles and resources the moment they’re released.

Home Depot Announces $132B in 2020 Sales

Lowe’s Reports $89B in 2020 Sales

Ace Hardware Reports Record Sales, Revenue in 2020

Tractor Supply Co. Achieves Record Sales, Earnings in 2020

PPG Reports $13.8B in Fiscal Year 2020 Net Sales

Amazon Reports Q4 Net Sales of $126B, Departure of CEO Bezos

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