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Paint Accessories

Innovative Paint Accessories

During home isolation, home improvement projects have been pushed to the top of everyone’s to-do list, putting paint and paint supplies in demand. Painting services have also been deemed critical trades in many states. The latest paint accessories can help make paint projects run more smoothly. Here are two products that use the same innovation to preserve paint and protect brushes while limiting cleaning time and water usage. 

The Paint Brush Cover. As seen on the television show Shark Tank, The Paint Brush Cover creates an airtight seal to keep paint wet and ready for use between coats, limiting the amount of paint that gets washed down the drain. Made from durable plastic, the hard cover also protects bristles and rollers when in storage or in transport. The clear plastic allows users to see the brush’s size and status — full of paint or dry. The cover is available in one size that fits most brushes and is available for rollers. 

Paint Poncho. Save time, paint and water with the Paint Poncho for brushes and rollers. Manufactured by Allway, the ponchos give users the freedom to stop and protect paint tools in the middle of a project. Made from eco-friendly EVA soft plastic, the cover has a wide opening for easy placement of painting tools and an elastic pull cord and spring lock system to keep paint fresh and prevent leaks. The brush poncho fits brushes up to four inches wide. The roller poncho fits rollers up to 9 ½ inches wide. The ponchos are disposable or can be washed and reused.  

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