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Interactive Training Better Than Old Employee Handbooks

Gone are the days of retail employee training via VHS tapes and three-ring binder manuals – or are they?

Many retailers are still using old training methods due to a lack of options, but there are now alternative training materials available.

Bob Phibbs, a long-time retail training coach and developer of the SalesRX teaching system, says the watch-and-do training methodology is not effective because it is passive learning. Phibbs urges retailers to use interactive systems that get trainees on the business floor as much as possible. Phibbs’ system has trainees watch three- to five-minute modules, and then work on the salesfloor the rest of the time.

Gamification is also an interactive training tool that has gained popularity. Allen Communication Learning Services uses tablets in training that involves teams of workers responding to scenarios. The technology allows a supervisor to track teams and see who is struggling or responding well.

Selling skills are important but so is product knowledge, which is why North American Retail Hardware Association has created a training course specifically for the home improvement industry. To learn more about NRHA’s Basic Training, Advanced Course and Building Materials Course, click here.

To read more about developments in interactive training, click here.


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