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Let Convenience Be Your Guide

The Everyday Carry (also referred to as EDC) community is growing. According to EverydayCarry.com, the lifestyle trend is based on the cornerstones of utility and preparedness that have developed around the items that people carry each day not only for convenience, but also in case a need arises to do something out of the ordinary. 

The trend originally started among outdoor enthusiasts who shared with each other the various utilitarian items that they took with them daily. As an online community developed on forums dedicated to sharing this information, the appeal spread beyond the outdoorsman subculture.

Pocket knives are one of the most popular Everyday Carry items and are considered as necessary as a wallet or cellphone to enthusiasts. Fortunately for retailers, there is a pocket knife for nearly every type of consumer, ranging from traditional designs, such as the Kershaw Brandywine three-blade pocket knife to knives that have a multitude of uses, like the Swiss Army Huntsman, which has 15 separate functions, including knife blades, scissors, and even a small wood saw. 

Pocket knives aren’t the only Everyday Carry item in demand. Not all EDC items have to fit in a pants pocket, especially since many people carry a briefcase, purse, or backpack. EDC items can be as unique as the person carrying them, and can include water bottles, small electronic accessories like headphones, handkerchiefs, small first aid kits, paracord, lighters, or notebook and pen combinations. 

A few new EDC products in the year of the novel coronavirus might include hand sanitizers, wipes, face masks, and a new generation of anti-microbial multi-tools that allow users to have limited or no contact with public surfaces. These new tools, such as the Leatherman Clean Contact Carabiner, or the No-Touch Milspin Key, allow users to perform touchless functions such as opening doors, using touchscreens or button-activated machines, flipping light switches and more.

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