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Joughin Hardware

Store Tied to More Than a Century of Community Memories

Joughin Hardware has been its community’s primary resource of DIY project advice and household problem solving for 139 years.

“We’ve been an important part of our community for all of these years because if people have a problem, they know we can help them fix it,” says Jeff Joughin, store owner and operator. “Before YouTube videos, we were the ones who knew it all.”

Customers may be able to find their own answers to household problems more easily than in the past because of the Internet, but they have remained loyal to Joughin Hardware, which opened in 1877 in Painesville, Ohio.

The store, which remains in its original building and has expanded to take up an additional three buildings, can transport visitors back in history when they walk through the doors.

“Unless you come to Joughin Hardware, you can’t get the full flavor and character of the store,” Joughin says. “When people come here, they’ll wander through the building, walking on the wooden, creaky floors and look at the all of the old charm, which is blended in with the new.”

At about 12,000 square feet, Joughin Hardware has the feel of classic hardware stores of years past. It has wooden floors, tin ceilings and rolling ladders which have been in use since Joughin’s great-grandfather, John, opened the store.

Joughin Hardware Provides Top Service Since 1877

His great-grandfather started the business after coming to Painesville from New York to install heating and plumbing at the mansion of a general in the area, Joughin says. His great-grandfather liked the area, so he stayed and started a heating and plumbing store, which expanded to sell all types of hardware. Eventually, Joughin’s grandfather ran the store, followed by his father George.

Joughin and his two sisters spent much of their childhood at the store, where he says he has many fond memories.

“Almost every day in the store has a memory,” Joughin says. “I remember when my sister and I were 5 or 6 years old and we had stopped by the store after church with my dad. There was a ramp on the second floor we would clear and we would race around on tricycles.”

Customers of Joughin Hardware also think of the local business and its history fondly. Many of them are not the first generation in their family to have frequented the store.

“It’s always so interesting to talk with people who have several generations of their families who have shopped here,” he says.

Serving homeowners and industrial businesses, the store offers products across many categories, including work clothing and paint.

Joughin, who runs the business with the help of his sister Kate and his staff of 10, are all passionate about the store and enjoy working with their customers.

“The competition is big and big box stores are close by, but our customers know we’re here and they support us,” Joughin says. “I love helping people. I’m a strong Christian and I believe we’re here on earth to serve each other. The 10 people that work here are all willing and eager to help people, too.”

To learn more about Joughin Hardware and to see more photos of the business, check out this article from The Plain Dealer and click through 20 photos of the historic store, which were taken by photographer Chuck Crow.

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