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Jump Into Home Automation

Our world is becoming increasingly technological. While home automation is meant to make people’s lives easier, sometimes the options can be overwhelming, and customers don’t know where to start. Help your customers begin their home automation journey and bring ease to their daily activities by stocking these products.

Light up your customers’ homes through Philips Hue’s Starter kit E26, which includes a bridge, ethernet network cable, power adapter and four hue bulbs. A great start to home automation, the kit is compatible with HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit (via Hue Bridge), Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana (via Hue Bridge) and Philips Hue Apps. The bulb can illuminate over 16 million colors.

Aid your customers in tracking their power consumption while bringing ease to their electronic management with Eve Energy’s Smart Plug and Power Meter. The smart plug allows customers to turn appliances on and off via the Eve app or Siri, track power consumption, see projected costs based on the electricity rate and set up schedules for appliances.

Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat learns your customers’ heating and cooling preferences and develops a schedule from those preferences. It is compatible with Google Assistant, catches issues early through its HVAC monitoring system, is easily controlled through the Nest App and comes in seven colors.

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