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Jump Into Spring With Indoor Plants

From succulents to bamboo shoots, indoor plants are flying off shelves as customers strive to bring a breath of fresh air to their spaces. Add a little green to your store to get customers, from first-time plant owners to experienced green thumbs, and staff excited for the next season to come and leave the winter blues behind.

To accommodate both beginner plant caretakers and experienced horticulturists, The Sill offers a wide variety of plants, from easy to care for to high-maintenance options.  They also provide pet-friendly options so customers can add beautiful plants to their homes without fear of hurting their beloved pets. 

For more bulk purchasing options, Bloomscape has plants from small to tall and every size in between. Potted, pet-friendly and air cleaner options are available, giving customers a wide variety of plants to choose from based on their size, care instructions and quality.

Succulent Market focuses specifically on succulents and small cacti, which are top selling options right now. In addition to a wide variety of succulents, both large and small, Succulent Market offers care instructions, accessories, soil and more to make sure each customer can help their plant thrive.

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