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Keep Homes Smelling Sweet With Wax Melts

Candles have always been a household favorite, but can be dangerous or create a mess if left burning for too long. That’s why wax warmers have grown in popularity over the past several years. Discover the wax melt products customers want to add warmth and scent to their homes. Each warmer brings scents directly into your customers’ homes while being small, energy efficient and easy to clean.

Happy Wax offers many simple and sleek designs that can be hidden in plain sight and easily fit into any room. They plug into a standard wall socket and turn on and off with a switch. Additionally, each wax warmer has various settings to melt the wax slowly or quickly, depending on how fast the customer wants to fill a room with a particular scent. 

ScentSationals also offers many simple wax warmer designs with images on them that can spread scents around the room when lit. These wax warmers also have seasonal designs, making them popular items to keep in stock and rotate with the seasons. ScentSationals also offers various seasonal wax melts which can also be rotated with the warmers.

Scentsy is well known for wax warmers and wax melts. They offer standard designs as well as various shapes. They’ve collaborated with big names such as Disney, the NFL and Star Wars. Each collaboration has its own unique scents and warmer designs that can’t be found anywhere else.Scentsy wax warmers also come with warranties to make sure customers are satisfied and taken care of should they experience any issues.

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