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Key Resources to Develop Your 2024 Employee Engagement Plan

According to research from Gallup, only about one-third of workers are engaged in their workplace. Throughout this year in Hardware Retailing, both in print and online, and through a variety of resources and programs from the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA), employee engagement has been a key focus. Below is a compilation of those resources along with some tips on how to engage your team in 2024 and beyond.

For additional solutions to improve employee engagement, visit YourNHPA.org/development to find the right tool or program for your business.

From the Beginning

If you don’t have a formal human resources manager or department, developing a consistent hiring process can be challenging. Being able to show potential employees the culture of your operation before they even arrive for an interview will help ensure you attract candidates who are the right fit for your business. NHPA has several free and paid resources to help you throughout the hiring process. Head to YourNHPA.org/human-resources to explore these tools and guides.

Basic Skills Test
During the interview process, you may want to determine the range of knowledge your top candidate has before bringing them on board. You can use this resource to create their training plan.

The Complete Toolkit
From attracting candidates and developing a career website to new employee orientation and best practices, the Hiring Toolkit has the previous two resources and much more.

Job Description Templates
Even the simplest roles in your operation should have detailed job descriptions that allow your staff to understand the scope of their responsibilities. Review these templates and customize them to the positions in your business.

At the Start

Training is a key component of developing engaged employees. Ensuring your team understands their responsibilities and is confident in their knowledge will contribute to higher sales and happier customers. Here are some simple training resources to consider for your training program in 2024.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, reach out to NHPA’s Renee Changnon at rchangnon@YourNHPA.org to find the right training tools for your business.

Trainer’s Toolbox
This slate of downloadable resources offers guidance in merchandising, operations, product knowledge and selling skills. Give your training lead the keys to this vast catalog of training tips and program ideas. Download them all at YourNHPA.org/trainers-toolbox.

Leadership Training
As you’re bringing on new team members, your new managers may need a boost. The Foundations of Retail programs include online training courses on communication skills, conflict management, talent development and ongoing performance management. Head to YourNHPA.org/foundations to see the full suite of options.

Picking Up Steam

Developing comprehensive hiring and training programs are critical steps to finding the right staffing fit for your business and engaging them early. But retention is also a necessary component to maintaining a knowledgeable, committed team. Research shows that employees who receive more training are more likely to stay.

The Employee Retention Toolkit
This kit contains a variety of strategies, best practices, templates and resources for helping you reduce turnover in your organization. From performance review templates and stay or exit interview guides to effective incentives and other tips for motivating employees, this toolkit was developed to help you engage and retain employees from Day 1. The entire toolkit is available for purchase for only $99 at YourNHPA.org/retention-toolkit.

Compliance Training
Whether you’re looking for resources in safety training, harassment training, first aid or other similar programs, this suite of videos gives you the option to choose what you need when you need it. Head to training.yournhpa.org/store to explore these cost-effective and necessary tools.

Leveling Up

Starting on Page 14 of the print edition, we’re celebrating 10 years of NHPA’s Retail Management Certification Program (RMCP). This program was developed to help train the next generation of independent home improvement retail leaders. Read the success stories in this month’s cover feature, and learn more about this ultimate employee engagement program at YourNHPA.org/rmcp.

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