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Kicking Shoe Odor to the Curb

We all have them—those horrid, sweaty, stinky shoes.

We shove them in athletic bags, hide them in closets or just plain throw them out. With men owning an average of 12 pairs of shoes and women owning an average of 27 pairs, shoe deodorizers are becoming more and more of a household item—a trend noses everywhere can get behind! Consumer reports are forecasting that shoe deodorizers will become an integral part of personal care in the next year as a solution to this pesky problem. In fact, Google search results in the US for “smelly shoe remedies” have increased 140% in the last year—that’s a whole lot of stinky feet!

On-the-go guys everywhere are finding spray deodorizers an easy solution to that sneaky, sneaker smell. With Shoe~Pourri, you simply spritz inside each shoe a couple times, and shoe stink is replaced with a blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus and grapefruit. Gone are the days of letting those foot sweat smells run your life!

The best part about this spray is that you don’t have to worry about what’s in it. In a world filled with chemicals and wonder about what exactly is in your household items, Shoe~Pourri provides only natural essential oils—no chemicals or parabens—so you can kick those nasty odors to the curb, the natural way!

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Liz Lichtenberger
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