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Products to Get Kids Excited About Gardening

Adults already know the many benefits of gardening activities, from exercise and connections with nature to participation and control over food sources. But what some adults may not know is the additional benefits to children that time spent in the garden can produce, including the development of sensory and motor skills, an introduction to sciences and healthy eating and opportunities for introducing routine and responsibilities. 

It’s generally not too difficult to get children interested in outdoor activities, especially when it comes to gardening; the bright colors of flowers and the planting of vegetable seeds tends to draw their interest. And like adults, kids like having tools to help them plant, weed and do all of the other things to make their gardens grow. To help get more kids interested in gardening, retailers can offer a few inspiring products, including:

Just For Kids line from Work Gloves Depot/G & F Company: The Just For Kids line has items ranging from work gloves and safety glasses, to kid-sized hand and stand up garden tools, tool caddies and wheelbarrows. 

Creativity for Kids Kits from Faber Castell: There are myriad kits to choose from including several that focus on creative gardening. Garden themed kits include: Magic Bean Garden, Grow N” Glow Terrarium, Plant a Pizza Garden and Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden.

Kids Grow Kit- Science Edition by Back to the Roots: Combining gardening with STEM education, this 2-pack organic kit allows kids to grow both green beans and watermelon, and to explore the world of STEM. Great for a windowsill. And for each picture shared to Back to the Roots, a kit will be donated to a classroom of the poster’s choice.

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