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Kitchen Appliances for New Cooks

In 2020, people across the country started cooking more at home. 54 percent of people cooked more often than they did pre-pandemic and 46 percent baked more frequently. Many consumers filled time at home learning new recipes and cooking techniques. Appliances that were trending before quarantine only grew in popularity, especially those with smart features that allow users the freedom to enjoy down time as well as good food and drinks. 

There are a variety of small kitchen appliances that, thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, help consumers manage food or beverage preparation without tying them to the stove or grill all day. Once paired with iOS or Android devices such as tablets or smartphones, items ranging from coffeemakers, like the Hamilton Beech 12-cup, Alexa®-enabled Smart Coffee Maker, to slow cookers and temperature gauges can be either programmed from a smart device, or send updates or alerts to a phone or computer. Examples include:

Multi-Cookers: These smart units can replace a multitude of cooking appliances, including a steamer, deep fryer, bread maker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker and microwave. The Redmond Multi Cooker has a 5.2 quart bowl and 22 pre-programmed settings, including stew and pizza.  

Grilling Tools: PC Magazine published a Best Grilling and BBQ Gadgets for 2020 article in May that highlights several high tech items that allow users’ to step away from the grill and kick back with a drink in their backyard. Meater+ made the list. The wireless meat thermometer sends notifications to a smart device when food is ready.   

These smart kitchen products not only make the task of food preparation a bit easier, they also help meet the demand for new cooking techniques.

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