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Garden Lights

Light Up the Garden

Warmer weather means your customers are going to spend more time outside. Help keep their patios, gardens and backyards bright by offering unique and fun ways to light up their outdoor spaces.

Solar Lightscaping offers individual and unique lights that can be used both indoors and out. Their most popular items include globe and rock lights, which emit colored light as someone walks past, as well as tree light ropes, which wrap around and hang from tree limbs to bring light to any outdoor space. 

Outdoor floor lamps are also trending. With color floor lamps controlled through Bluetooth technology from Lumens, customers can further customize the space. Lumens also offers lamps that extend further to reach out of the way spaces without the need for a ladder to attach a light. When it’s time to turn off the lights, these lamps fold back into themselves and act as a regular floor lamp, adding versatility to the product. 

For customers looking for a more traditional garden or patio light, Luminis offers hanging lanterns, which can be filled with candles for a more natural and flickering light feel to the area, or lights to spread light across a wider area. These lanterns aren’t anchored to the wall or side of a house, so they can be moved around wherever light is needed.

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