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Lightening Leaf Litter

Fall is just around the corner, and for many areas of the country that means an abundance of one thing: leaves. Allowing leaves to accumulate in the yard can cause fungus and disease and destroy the grass. Provide your customers with all the tools they need to get their leaves under control.


Pro Tip:

Merchandise large trash bags close to your leaf control products for customers who collect and dispose of their leaves and stock fuel and ignition products for customers who burn their leaves. Stock products like Worx’s 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher for customers who wish to mulch their collected leaves to use as fertilizer. 

Leaf Blowers

Mower Attachments 



Don’t forget about gutters. Merchandise gutter guards, such as Home Superior Pro’s 5-INCH Style Gutter Guard, near your fall products or leaf control section along with gloves and ladders to help your customers keep their gutter systems clean and functional. 

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