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Longtime Home Depot CFO Announces Retirement

Carol Tomé, Home Depot’s CFO and executive vice president, will retire from the company on Aug. 31. after 24 years of service.

Richard McPhail, current senior vice president of finance control and administration, will become executive vice president and CFO following Tomé’s retirement.

“Carol is not only one of the most respected executives in corporate America and an outstanding CFO, but also is beloved by The Home Depot associates,” says Craig Menear, chairman, CEO and president.  “Since Carol was named our CFO in May 2001, we have delivered more than a 450 percent increase in value to our shareholders, due in part to her many contributions. We are truly grateful to Carol for her service, and I am deeply appreciative of her partnership over the past five years.”

Home Depot is the world’s most profitable big-box home improvement retailer. It operates more than 2,200 locations in North America. For more information on the company’s origins and financial profile, read Hardware Retailing’s 360-Degree View of Home Depot.

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