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Loss Prevention Series

NRHA’s Loss Prevention Program includes three separate modules covering internal theft prevention, external theft prevention and store safety. This training program is designed to help retail home improvement stores develop a safe and secure retail environment for both employees and customers. It includes complete testing and record-keeping. Click Here for more information.

*You must be an NRHA member to take these courses.

Internal Theft Prevention

This module is designed for store owners and managers to learn about the overall effects that internal theft, also known as employee theft, can have on a retail hardware store, home center or lumberyard. While it is the leading cause of shrinkage for home improvement retailers, the information in this training module will help you prevent it from happening in your store.


External Theft Prevention

This module is designed to help anyone working in a home improvement retail store (including store management , sales associates and cashiers) learn about the effects that shoplifting can have on a retail home improvement store. It also contains tips on how to spot it, how to deal with it properly when it happens and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.


Store Safety

Safety is good business! This module is designed for all store personnel to learn more about basic store safety practices and the role that everyone plays in developing and maintaining a safe store environment. After completing this module you know more about how you can help promote an ongoing culture of safety in your store.

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