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Lowe’s Tries New Social Media Marketing Videos

Lowe’s has created a series of videos that will turn its customers’ phones upside down—literally.

The new “FlipSide” videos from the big box are short videos that simultaneously show what happens when a homeowner does and doesn’t do common household tasks, such as cleaning the gutters or pruning the shrubs. Lowe’s tech-savvy customers can watch either part of the videos, depending on which way they turn their phones.

Lowe’s is taking advantage of a flip video application on Facebook’s mobile feed to display these videos. They are also available on Instagram.

The big box is now using Snapchat’s up to 10-second-long videos for the first time, too. It created its “In-a-Snap” series that’s meant to inspire young, first-time homeowners and renters to try simple projects by tapping on the screen to complete tasks, such as putting a nail in a wall.

“The challenge as a marketer today is, how do you continue to engage consumers differently and within different social platforms,” says Lowe’s Chief Marketing Officer Marci Grebstein. “We have to be able to create informative and entertaining content based on how the platform works.”

Lowe’s has some additional plans for social media videos, including a series called “Home School,” that will later be available on Facebook and Instagram.

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