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Lowe’s Uses Vine to Share How-to Tips

Many retailers are looking for new, creative ways to engage today’s millennial customers online.

Moving beyond basic Facebook and Twitter use, companies are finding platforms that consumers may already use to attract a new audience for their products and services.

Lowe’s has taken a unique social media approach by producing a series of how-to videos on Twitter’s Vine platform. The company shares “Fix in Six,” which are six-second videos played on a loop, with current and potential customers online.

So how has this improved Lowe’s reach to younger consumers? The millennial generation can relate to the visually compelling stories, according to an article from The New York Times.

How-to videos on Vine suggest ways, in a digestible format, that viewers can act on their impulses to craft and build, the article says.

“Our Vine campaign has the ability to target millennials and resonates with them,” Brad Walters, the director of social media for Lowe’s, says in the article. “Snackable content is the type of content that resonates. It gives them something quickly and it solves a problem quickly.”

Some of the recent Vine videos Lowe’s has shared include demonstrations for running a candle flame along a window seam to check for drafts or cutting the bottom of a 2-liter soda bottle and mounting it inside a cabinet to create a plastic bag dispenser.

Whether your operation currently uses social media to engage with your customers online or not, you need to think of ways to connect with younger consumers, who are becoming an audience for how-to tips and home improvement advice as they set up apartments or buy their first homes.

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