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Lowe’s Adapts Virtual Reality Tool to Train Workers

Lowe’s has been testing in-store virtual reality experiences for customers, and now it is using the technology for employee training.

The company has reimagined the consumer version of the tool, Holoroom How To, for workers, called Holoroom How To: Red Vest, which offers employees “greater project knowledge, more motivation and increased confidence to help address customers’ window fashion needs,” Lowe’s reports.

“Beyond the educational benefit, the platform projects a lifelike simulation that teaches associates every step of the process as they advance through the module. The hands-on practice lets associates learn from potential mistakes without waste of materials or dissatisfied customers.”

The customer version is a headset and hand controller to teach, using 3-D images and step-by-step instructions, how to update a bathroom by laying tile, according to Lowe’s.

More than 400 Lowe’s employees have tried out the new training, which “teaches associates how to use specific in-store equipment through virtual reality to better serve customers,” Lowe’s says.

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